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Rhode Island Elder Law – What is Elder Law?

Elder law focuses on the challenges faced by elderly and special needs individuals and their caretakers. This includes health care, housing, finances, and long-term care. 

Rhode Island elder law attorney Jay Bianco protects the elderly, helping the family address issues including government assistance and financial, physical, and sexual abuse in healthcare facilities and at home. He works with elderly couples and individuals as well as other family members, i.e., adult children and grandchildren, to ensure they are all working towards the same goal: aging with dignity in a comfortable setting.

Jay Bianco also helps with the administration and management of estates and trusts, estate planning and probate, long-term placement in senior living and nursing homes, Medicaid and Social Security claims and appeals and asset preservation.

Mr. Bianco’s experience in estate planning complements his elder law practice, as there is often an overlap with estate planning. As one ages, certain legal documents, long-term care plans and asset protections become increasingly important.

Elder lawyers also work with disabled individuals and their families to ensure they receive the benefits they deserve and to put a plan in place for financial support for the future.

When Do You Need an Elder Lawyer

An elder lawyer is often contacted when a senior has been hospitalized and cannot return home without a stay in a rehabilitation facility. Jay Bianco works with the family to help with Medicaid applications and asset preservation. There are many government benefits are available to aging Americans and we are able to identify those the senior is eligible for and help with applications. We also help file claims for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and disability benefits. 

Elder Lawyers are needed when a family member suspects abuse is taking place. Elderly people are often lonely and vulnerable to thieves who prey on their loneliness. If a “new friend” is showing up at their residence, unusual charges are appearing on credit cards or valuables are missing, we help the family remove their loved one from the abuse, file charges if necessary, help the family to pursue justice and keep the scammer stays away from their loved one.

Elderly persons living in nursing homes, assisted care facilities, hospitals and at home are protected by laws. If the family members see a pattern of poor care, bruises being hidden under long sleeves, significant behavioral changes, medical issues arising from neglect or any evidence of abuse, call our office immediately.

Elder Lawyers also deal with matters pertaining to housing, including rent control laws. If an elderly person is being harassed by a property owner or real estate management company, the elder lawyer can represent the elderly tenant in protecting their right to remain in their home.

Other issues addressed by an elder law attorney / elder care attorney:

  • Creating a plan for long-term care—best done while the individual or couple is still healthy.
  • Creating necessary legal documents including a Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will and Advance Directive. This must be done while the individual has mental capacity to execute legal documents. 
  • Applying for Medicaid, Veterans Administration, or other government benefits

 Jay Bianco is an experienced Rhode Island elder law attorney and a member of the prestigious National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), a national organization renowned for its efforts to promote legal protection for the elderly and special needs communities while elevating the elder law profession. His dedication to treating clients with compassion and care has resulted in many long-term relationships with multiple generations, a hallmark of his practice. Jay is licensed as an elder law attorney in Massachusetts, as well.

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