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How to Talk to Parents about Estate Planning

With nearly 90% of caregivers providing care to a family member, and the holidays rapidly approaching, it is an opportune time to check in with both aging family members, as well as those performing caregiving duties.
12/31/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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What Is Life Expectancy of a Person with Alzheimer’s?

My dad just got diagnosed with dementia, and I’m worried about his quality of life in the future—and I’m scared this could shorten his life. How long do people live on average after a dementia diagnosis?
12/26/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Should I Spend Assets, so Spouse’s Nursing Home Stay Is Covered by Medicaid?

My spouse is going to have to move to a nursing home. When spending down assets for the sick spouse to qualify for Medicaid, does it have to be done before sick spouse is sent to a nursing home or can it be done even after the sick spouse is admitted to a nursing home?
12/05/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Bianco Law Ltd.

At our Rhode Island estate planning and elder law firm we help families and individuals preserve their assets and create their legacies. We assist our clients in a variety of areas. Whether it's estate planning using revocable trusts and wills, or asset protection and preserving your assets from nursing home expenses, we are there to help. Even if […]
11/30/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Why Is Power of Attorney So Important for Estate Planning?

Estate planning takes a lot of time, but another factor that needs to not be overlooked is having a power of attorney.
11/28/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Ask Mom if She has a Will

My mother told me many times over the years that she had a will, and I believed her. When she passed away, we discovered that her will was 40 years old—and completely useless.
10/16/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Should I Use a Special Needs Trust?

A special needs trust is a popular strategy for those who want to help someone in need without risking that the person will lose their eligibility for programs that require their income or assets to remain below a certain limit.
09/07/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Medicaid Crisis Plans for Long Term Care Costs

In general, estate planning is a practice that requires forward thinking. However, sometimes estate planning must occur in the midst of a crisis.
08/25/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Can You Believe Aging Parents Grow Stubborn and They Know It?

Aging parents grow stubborn, and researchers are uncovering the reasons why.
08/02/21 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Will I Live Longer, if I Babysit the Grandchildren?

Looking for an extra incentive to spend some quality time with your grandchildren? Try telling their parents that it could extend your life.
07/13/21 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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