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Top 10 Success Tips for Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most important steps you can take for yourself and your loved ones.
10/26/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Should I Have a Trust in My Estate Plan?

A simple will works for some people, but maybe not for you. Are you in a second marriage? Have minor children? Concerned about fraud? These are just a few of the many reasons to consider a trust.
10/21/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Ask Mom if She has a Will

My mother told me many times over the years that she had a will, and I believed her. When she passed away, we discovered that her will was 40 years old—and completely useless.
10/16/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Why are Trusts a Good Idea?

Whether you are trying to protect your assets from possible creditors, prevent young heirs from spending their inheritance or minimize estate taxes, there is likely a trust for you.
10/09/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Should We Have an ABLE Account or a Special Needs Trust?

As government programs do not cover all expenditures related to these categories, ABLE accounts can be used to pay for shortfalls.
10/05/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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How Do You Provide Financial Help for a Special Needs Child and Retirement Too?

People with children who cannot support themselves need to think well past their own lifetime and figure out how to provide for children after they are gone.
10/02/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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What are Mistakes to Avoid with Beneficiary Designations?

Here are five critical mistakes to avoid when dealing with your beneficiary designations.
09/30/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Did Actress Anne Heche have a Will?

The oldest son of Anne Heche has filed a petition to assume control of the late actress’s estate.
09/26/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Why You Need an Estate Plan

Do you know what will happen to your property, belongings and debt when you die? What about your children? If you haven't created an estate plan, now's the time to start. Here's how.
09/23/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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What Can Happen When You are Asked to Sign a Nursing Home Agreement?

The services provided by a skilled nursing facility are very important. They are also very expensive. The person who arrives at an elder law office with a bill from a nursing home for $19,400—$646.66 per day—is often the same person who signed an electronic version of an admissions form without knowing what would happen. This…
09/19/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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