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Could Your Estate Plan Be a Disaster?

We’re all looking to save taxes, court costs, legal fees and ‘make it simple’ for our heirs. A last will and testament is the cornerstone of all estate planning, maybe with a trust.
12/08/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Should I Spend Assets, so Spouse’s Nursing Home Stay Is Covered by Medicaid?

My spouse is going to have to move to a nursing home. When spending down assets for the sick spouse to qualify for Medicaid, does it have to be done before sick spouse is sent to a nursing home or can it be done even after the sick spouse is admitted to a nursing home?
12/05/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Bianco Law Ltd.

At our Rhode Island estate planning and elder law firm we help families and individuals preserve their assets and create their legacies. We assist our clients in a variety of areas. Whether it's estate planning using revocable trusts and wills, or asset protection and preserving your assets from nursing home expenses, we are there to help. Even if […]
11/30/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Can You Prevent Family Fights over Inheritance?

In early 2022, Bloomberg News reported that Americans can expect to inherit $72.6 trillion over the next quarter century—more than twice as much as a decade ago. With so much potential generational wealth on the line, there is always a risk that it will become the subject of a dispute.
11/30/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Why Is Power of Attorney So Important for Estate Planning?

Estate planning takes a lot of time, but another factor that needs to not be overlooked is having a power of attorney.
11/28/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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How Do Special Needs Trusts Work?

A special needs trust (SNT) can help you provide financial security to your child after you die without leaving them ineligible for the government benefits that they need to sustain care.
11/23/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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The Benefits of a Good Estate Plan

Estate planning helps you avoid many unfortunate situations. While it can take some time and money upfront, you can avoid many worse problems later on.
11/17/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Should I Keep Beneficiary Designations Up to Date?

Here’s a simple financial question: who is the beneficiary of your IRA? How about your 401(k) or annuity?
11/12/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Why Don’t Most American have an Estate Plan?

Just 34% of adult Americans have an estate plan and 37% of respondents said they didn't have a plan at the ready.
11/04/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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Why Do Siblings Fight after Death of a Parent?

There is no legal requirement that anyone give anyone else money or property when they pass.  The law says that as long as you understand what you’re doing, you can give your assets to anyone you feel like giving them to, equal or not.
10/31/22 • by: Bianco Law Ltd.
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